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Whole House Fans in Stockton


The QuietCool Systems products are "Ducted Whole House Fans" that were devleoped based on a proven method of whole-house cooling that has been around for years. It is the most versatile cooling and ventilating system on the market today!

It Cools. It Ventilates. It Exhausts and It's Quiet!

These exceptionally quiet fans can be installed in a single, or multiple-fan configuration and are designed to move large amounts of air per fan. Install one of the higher volume CFM fans in your hallway or a combination of a large fan and a lower CFM fans in each occupied bedrooms for maximum cooling.

QuietCool Whole House fan

The QuietCool system is designed to cool and ventilate your entire home by pulling warm, stale air up and out of the home while drawing fresh cool air in. Insulated, air conditioning grade ducting is used in the QuietCool systems to reduce irritating fan noise. The QuietCool fans are so quiet, they can be installed in any room (with attic access), including bedrooms and can be operated while you soundly sleep! You have the option of privacy when operating the QuietCool fans with the bedroom doors closed! This is a benefit never before seen with traditional whole house fans, that are usually mounted in a hallway or in a central location.

The QuietCool fans can be controlled individually or multiple fans can be wired to a wall timer with a double or triple switch. With this flexibility you can control when, where, and how much air flow moves through your home by simply turning on or off your QuietCool fans to reach the ideal comfort level. For example, you could turn off your QuietCool fan in the kids room and leave the fans in the master bedroom or hallway on (with the bedroom doors opened or closed).

In many climates, a QuietCool system may even eliminate the need for an air conditioner. QuietCools are more energy efficient than air conditioning, and that's good news for your pocketbook and the environment.

How Much Do You Spend Each Year Running Your Air Conditioner? The Truth Is, Electricity Prices Are Going Up Even Higher! A Large Central A/C Can Consume Over 5,000 Watts Per Hour. Considering the high cost of electricity makes installing a whole house system a Smart Decision. By Slashing Your Air Conditioner usage, The Money You Spent On Installing Your QuietCool Fans, Can Be Recovered In A Very Short Period Of Time. This Huge Savings Will Ultimately Put Money Back In Your Pockets Instead Of The Utility Companies.

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