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Solar Energy System

Solar Energy

Renewable energy solutions for our customers.

Investing in a solar energy system for your home is one of the best improvements you can make. Solar energy will save you substantially on your electric bill, it will increase the value of your home, protect your from future energy rate increases, and help the environment - all at the same time. Plus, the many federal and local rebates make the investment even more attractive.

B & B Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is a solar energy expert, offering tested and proven products manufactured in the USA by Kyocera Solar, of San Diego, CA. Kyocera solar panels are rooftop grid-interactive systems that not only produce electricity for the home, but also allow surplus energy to be sold back to the local utility company. Saving money while saving the planet - what could be better?

The MyGen™ System

The MyGen™ systems are designed for use on residential or lite commercial buildings and are ideal for either new construction or retrofit applications. MyGen systems feature solar modules integrated into arrays that can be sized to meet a wide range of power requirements for maximum flexibility.

By avoiding the use of electricity created from fossil or nuclear fuels, you will contribute to the health of the planet. Utilizing renewable energy allows you to keep harmful byproducts out of our air and water. When you install a renewable energy system on your home or building, you will be supporting cleaner energy, and you will play a major role in preserving precious natural resources.

MyGen™ Specifications
  • 4 Residential System options available. Racking options available for all roof types
  • Worry-free operation with virtually no maintenance
  • 25 Year Power output warranty, 10 year warranty on inverter and 5 year limited warranty on workmanship
  • Inverters optimized for highest efficiency and performance with Kyocera Solar modules
  • Includes MC4 locking connectors
  • Includes all original manufacturer's documentation such as user manuals and warranty statements
  • Monitoring package comes as standard feature
  • All MyGen packages are certified and listed with the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
  • All components are UL listed
  • Easy-to-Use Online Monitoring

Your Solar Energy Dashboard
With the Kyocera solar products you also have access to a complete solar monitoring solution designed by solar professionals. This powerful monitoring interface provides a user friendly website dashboard to view your solar energy statistics.

Kyocera DECK monitoring dashboard
Call us today at (209) 474-8100 for more information on solar energy options for your home. If you would like to learn more about B & B Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., please visit: solar contractor
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